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Better Together: BILL + Divvy

We are excited to share that today BILL and Divvy have officially joined forces.

Both BILL and Divvy were founded with a passionate commitment to helping organizations like yours transform, grow, and thrive. Our 1200+ person team is energized by the opportunity to serve you, and we are all dedicated to your success. Our goal is to be that single company you can count on to help you digitally transform and simplify your financial operations while gaining additional control, visibility, and insight into all your B2B spend.

As we work to enhance our combined offerings and accelerate innovation in new areas we believe will create more value for you, we look forward to hearing from you and learning about your experience so we can get better and better every day.

To celebrate today’s news, we are offering two special promotions to invite you to experience both BILL and Divvy:

  • BILL Customers who successfully apply and are approved for Divvy will receive a $500 sign-up bonus. Link here for more details.

  • Divvy Customers who successfully sign up for BILL will receive 50% off the first three months of your BILL subscription. Link here for more details.

We’re not the only ones excited about today's news. Check out what some of our customers and partners are saying about our newly combined company:

Joint Customers Accounting Partners
“BILL and Divvy teaming up together makes perfect sense for our business. As a COO, I am constantly looking for financial solutions that offer my team the ability to quickly and easily reconcile digital invoices, all while operating in a remote environment.”

~Keith Cosbey, Co-Founder and COO, Choicelunch
“The combination of BILL and Divvy will allow our clients to have visibility and control over their entire AP workflow. It really has the opportunity to be enormous for our clients who are trying to get a better wrap on their business across the board.”

~Dan Luthi, COO, Ignite Spot
“I’m excited to see the combined offerings from BILL and Divvy for Bravado. Tools that are better able to manage our spending, reconcile globally, and essentially help us create order out of chaos, are welcome.”

~Sahil Mansuri, CEO, Bravado
“Together these products deliver a win-win for our firm and our clients. The brand and quality of service that BILL delivers combined with a great spend management product like Divvy will help us automate the flow of bills and expenses into one.”

~John Delalio, Managing Director, EisnerAmper
“BILL and Divvy have both played a huge role in transforming our office operations while also significantly impacting our employee culture. I’m excited to see this acquisition as BILL builds an all-in-one financial shop, creating a streamlined solution to manage financial workflows and transactions.”

~Jim Benton, CEO,
“BILL is a world-class AP solution and Divvy has turned expense management on its head to provide flexibility and control to ensure proper spending. Bringing these two products together will provide an overarching spend management solution that allows our customers to be smart and automated about how they spend their money.”

~Stephen Brown, COO and Cofounder, LedgerGurus

On the lighter side we created a Spotify playlist to commemorate the day. No better song to pull a playlist together other than the Beatles “Come Together”. Lots of great covers over the years and lots of songs around teams pulling together: “Better Together: BILL + Divvy” (open to the public for download). As always, thank you for your business and for the opportunity to contribute to your success each and every day.

René and Blake

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