Grow Your Accounting Services with This Secret Weapon

Accountant Program Certification

In a crowded profession like accounting, knowledge makes you stand out. Businesses appreciate an accountant that can complete their taxes on time. But they value an accountant who acts as a trusted advisor, navigating complex financial challenges and helping them plan for long-term success.

That’s why accountant certifications are so necessary. CPEs serve as continuing education for accountants. Sure, they’re required—you can fulfill them as opportunities arise, accumulating them at the nearest conference or online seminar.

Or you can approach CPEs strategically—as tools that encourage clients to value you even more than they already do.

The Benefits for Accounting Clients

An accountant program that offers CPEs can translate into big benefits for your clients—especially ones that focus on technology. Accounting software streamlines processes and automates transactions, saving you time and giving your clients tangible business benefits such as real-time data and getting paid faster.

For example, take the Certification program. The self-study course takes accountants through the benefits, features, and functions of this cloud-based AP and AR. While the user interface makes it simple to “plug and play,” take the time to acquaint yourself further and discover how to supercharge your client services while earning 7 CPE credits!

Businesses find the following benefits from accountants who earn certifications:

  • Collecting money up to three times faster than normal with the assistance all-digital AR processes and the payment network which exchanges payments between more than 3 million businesses. No waiting for checks to print, clear, and mail.
  • Spending less time on bill pay and approvals, thanks to an entirely electronic AP process and automated workflows set up by your accountant. Added bonus: Integrations eliminate time-consuming manual labor such as double data entry.
  • Access to real-time data, thanks to integrations with other accounting software such as QuickBooks Online, Xero, Intacct, and NetSuite.
  • The added convenience of accessing via any connected device including laptop, mobile phones, and tablets. You no longer need to be in the office to pay a bill or check an invoice.

As Dennis Najjar, co-founder of, explains:

“It’s mandatory for every employee to become certified in within their first three months at The certifications ensure that our firm and our clients understand how to achieve the most from”

What to Expect from the Expert Certification

The online Expert Certification from illustrates how to:

  • Set up the account, including examining the Accountant Console Dashboard
  • Create bills, pay vendors, and accept payments
  • Leverage the document management functionality, which stores all relevant AP and AR-related documents such as contracts, invoices, and payment histories.
  • Sync accounting software for client accounts via the Accountant Console

The course is free for accountants signed up for the Accountant Console. The Accountant Console allows you to handle multiple clients’ AP and AR from one dashboard. Finishing the course not only gives you greater power to wield features to benefit your clients, but also earns you the Certification and up to 7.0 CPE credits. There are no prerequisites or advanced preparation required. CPE credits are based on a combination of the time spent in the course and score of the final exam.

Accountants should log into their Console to access the certification course at no charge.

Accountant Program Benefits & Guru Training

Accounting clients aren’t the only ones to get rewards from The above benefits also extend to firms that use AP and AR via

Additionally, accountants can attend the Guru level of training. This program extends beyond the immediate benefits of digital AP and AR and helps you create a business plan for growing your accounting services and practice, including implementing strategic operations and launching new revenue streams.

The course covers:

  • Optimizing workflow best practices, which ensures the proper separation of duties and protects clients from fraud
  • Different types of client workflow designs and how to identify which is best for your clients
  • Tracking ROI for implementations
  • Pricing strategies that help your firm grow and simplifies billing for your clients

You can access that training through your Accountant Console. Again, there is no charge for Accounting Console clients.

Advice from Accountants

Accountants who have embraced and leveraged certifications to grow their practices and increase value for clients share these pieces of advice:

“There’s an opportunity cost to resisting change. Be bold and jump in. Convert your clients to and take advantage of its certification training program.” (David Bohn, Partner, Tate & Tryon)

“Embrace, invest the time to learn it, utilize its certification program and integrate it with existing accounting technologies.” (Chris Livermore, Principal, Maxwell Money) 

Ready to quickly amp up your value for clients? Sign up for to access the certification classes.

April 20, 2018