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How Efficient Are Your AP Processes?

Mary Roach
BILL, Senior Director, Segment and Content Marketing

One of the biggest challenges finance leaders face is how to streamline their finance function so that it operates at peak efficiency. One area which often poses a particular challenge is accounts payable. From paper-based processes to circuitous approval workflows to disparate finance systems that exist in silos, AP can get pretty messy, pretty fast.

That’s why it’s so important for organizations to honestly evaluate their AP process to identify areas of inefficiency that could be improved upon. By reflecting on your team’s productivity, roadblocks, and recurring issues, you can develop a comprehensive plan to improve your AP process.

Check out’s New AP Efficiency Assessment

To help you focus your research, has created an online AP Efficiency Assessment Tool. This quick, 3-minute assessment asks essential questions around your AP processes, digging into and highlighting some of your biggest concerns, frustrations, and gaps.

You’ll be asked to evaluate your processes and team’s productivity and then will be scored based on your responses. Once you have completed the assessment, the tool will evaluate your AP process efficiency, providing ratings and specific recommendations for how to improve your AP process.

Who Should Take This Assessment? 

  • Is your finance team spending too much time on AP busy work? 

  • Do you need more real-time visibility into your cash position? 

  • Would you like more control over the approval process?

  • Do you want to reduce the risk of errors caused by manual entry? 

  • Are you concerned about missing or delayed invoices? 

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this assessment is for you. 

This assessment tool will be particularly helpful for AP managers, controllers, and CFOs who are currently evaluating their internal AP processes and looking for potential ways to improve them.

Take the Assessment