BILL Spend & Expense is here! 3 exciting things to know

BILL Spend & Expense is here! 3 exciting things to know

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At BILL, we are champions of SMBs and passionate about helping businesses thrive with innovative solutions to automate their financial operations. We are committed to helping businesses manage more of their cash flow across AP, AR, and spend and expense management.  

This is why today we announced our new BILL Financial Operations Platform for SMBs––and also why we are excited to say it's official: Divvy from BILL is now BILL Spend & Expense

Read more to learn how you can further unlock the power of financial operations.

1. Simplifying the experience for customers

We want to help SMBs unlock more efficiencies, more control, and more visibility into their cash flow. Adding and offering spend and expense management functionality was an important step to deliver capabilities to help SMBs automate more of their financial operations.

Now, we are taking another important step by simplifying the experience for customers under a single brand with BILL Spend & Expense. Over the past year, we began creating a more seamless experience across products and a consistent look and feel. Now, we are making it easier to access both AP and AR as well as spend and expense management with a single brand and website.

2. BILL Spend & Expense: new name, same spend controls

BILL Spend & Expense will continue to be fast, easy, and secure. The features and capabilities will stay the same, everything from creating budgets, to tracking spend, and getting access to credit businesses need to grow. If you are a customer using Divvy, these updates will be automatic. Check out BILL Spend & Expense:

3. Helping SMBs get greater control over their finances 

Now, in addition to easily and securely managing business spend and expense, SMBs will have more opportunities to simplify their financial operations. With BILL Spend & Expense becoming part of our integrated platform of category-leading solutions across AP, AR, and spend and expense management, businesses can get better control, visibility, and efficiency over more of their cash flow.

The BILL Financial Operations Platform now includes: 

  • BILL Accounts Payable automates the entire AP process to help SMBs simplify invoice entry by using data capture and AI to streamline approvals. It also provides flexible ways to pay, bringing efficiency and visibility to financial operations.
  • BILL Accounts Receivable automates AR through invoicing, estimates, payment tracking and collections so SMBs can get paid faster directly to a bank account via ACH and debit or credit cards. 
  • BILL Spend & Expense is an all-in-one spend and expense management solution that combines free software with corporate cards to provide SMBs with real-time visibility and customizable control over business finances. 

Join Us on September 20 for BILL Pulse: A Customer Event 

Introducing BILL Pulse, this virtual event offers a unique opportunity to connect with BILL leadership and product experts to keep your finger on the pulse of our latest products and features. Register today!

  • BILL CEO and Founder, René Lacerte shares a perspective on the future of financial operations
  • See what’s new and what’s next at BILL with Chief Product Officer, Irana Wasti
  • Celebrate SMB success and innovation with BILL Chief Marketing Officer, Sarah Acton
  • Business leaders from our customer community share their greatest financial operations challenges and the results they’ve seen with BILL

For more information about BILL Spend & Expense please visit our FAQ

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