You asked, we listened: Helping you get the most out of BILL

You asked, we listened: Helping you get the most out of BILL

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BILL is passionate about giving businesses the tools they need to thrive. That’s why we’ve asked for feedback from customers like you—and are continuously using this input to improve your experience as a BILL customer.

We’re committed to keeping you in the loop about how you can get the most out of BILL. As a part of that commitment, here are some of the tools and capabilities we have been working on.

The latest updates coming to BILL Accounts Payable

The following updates are coming to help you get more efficiency, visibility, and control over your AP operations. If you don’t see these in your account already, stay tuned!

Inbox improvements for more efficient invoice processing

Streamline your processes with the following improvements to the BILL inbox:

  • Leave notes and save documents for later. It’s now easier to note and resolve issues blocking documents from being processed. Add notes to documents or save a doc for later directly from the inbox. You can also remove a save to signal that questions or issues have been resolved. Learn more here
  • Get through your inbox quickly with “select all” and delete. Delete multiple documents in your BILL inbox in just a few clicks. Have peace of mind knowing BILL customers can recover documents anytime, regardless of when they were deleted. 
  • Quickly filter items in your inbox. View invoices and documents by who uploaded the doc, when the doc was added, source, and more. 

Manage and pay bills faster

Expedite AP workflows with the following improvements:

  • Automatically prefill a chart of account value. During bill creation, if an item is entered with an associated chart of account, BILL will pre-fill the chart of account value to help save you time. 
  • Sort by PO number on unpaid bills view. Find unpaid bills with linked purchase orders faster using the new sort by PO number dropdown. 

Easier vendor management & better vendor relationships

Manage your business relationships with updates that include:

  • Quickly edit vendor details. We launched a new, streamlined experience for editing vendors in BILL. The new process makes updating vendor details like contact and payment information faster and easier. 
  • Easily update payment terms. We’re making selecting and updating payment terms for your vendors easier. BILL will now display an expanded number of payment terms you’ve set up in your account, so you can select the correct one when adding or editing vendor payment preferences. 

Improve payment efficiency 

Reduce the risk of payment errors with the following updates:

  • Block duplicate invoice numbers for the same vendor. Syncing with an accounting system? If your accounting software blocks duplicate invoice numbers for the same vendor, you can match the configuration in BILL and avoid sync conflicts when syncing bills from BILL to your accounting software. 
  • Reduce sync conflicts for QuickBooks Online users. BILL will now automatically block bill creation if line items within a bill have different locations or if billable line items are missing customer information. Learn more here

Enhanced spend and expense management

BILL's spend and expense management solution, Divvy, is likewise receiving some valuable updates. 

Improved card management for spenders and admins

You'll now have access to tools that help them keep track of their physical card, as well as flexible spending solutions:

  • Keep track of physical card orders with mobile push notifications. Always know where your physical card is with our new integration with FedEx. Cardholders will now receive push notifications to their mobile device with shipping updates on their physical card orders.
  • Enable all card users to view shipping status. Now all spenders (not just admins) will have visibility into their physical card order status. Whether they ordered their card themselves or an admin did so on their behalf, they can now see when a card was requested, printed, shipped, and activated.

Better visibility and control into company spend

Some of the newest spend and expense features also give better visibility and control. Updates include:

  • Easily find all details of disputed transactions. Have you ever disputed a transaction and felt unsure about its status? Now, when disputing a transaction, you can click on it to quickly access the status and all relevant details. 
  • Organize multiple budgets in Groups for better visibility. Have multiple budgets to manage spend? Admins can now more easily group and visualize Divvy budgets. Allocate funds to a group to be managed across multiple budgets within a group by a group owner. Empower your team without giving up control.
  • Set daily budget periods. Have a budget that needs to be managed on a short timeline? In addition to yearly and monthly, you can now set daily budget periods. Check out this option in the dropdown menu when creating a new budget.
  • Use merchant controls to control where employees can spend funds. Avoid dealing with unapproved transactions and have more control and peace of mind. For example, if a budget is only for travel, you can block all merchants that aren’t travel specific.

*Merchant controls is only available for companies using Divvy’s Visa® Business cards. Not all customers are eligible at this time. If you have questions about eligibility, please contact Customer Support at

Enhanced transaction management

Updates will also transform how you manage transactions, thanks to features that allow you to:

  • Automatically validate receipts and pair them with the proper transaction. If you’re a Divvy Admin, you’ve probably double-checked receipts to ensure they're accurate and attached to the appropriate transaction. Divvy will now automatically verify a match using optical character recognition technology, saving you time in the review process.
  • Export transactions to an Excel spreadsheet. Use Excel to reconcile your transactions? You can now export transactions as an XLSX file to quickly start working in an Excel spreadsheet. 

Keep the feedback coming

These features and enhancements are the result of listening to customers like you. Our goal is to always make sure you are getting the most out of BILL. 

These updates aren't the end of the story––there’s more to come soon! We’re continually listening to our customers to optimize our products to meet your needs. If there are ways we can better serve you and your business, please let us know by emailing

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