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Thank you to Accountants and Bookkeepers - the Heroes of Business

René Lacerte
BILL, CEO and Founder

To our valued partners in the accounting and bookkeeping community:

I grew up in numerous businesses that supported the accountants’ mission to better serve and help their clients. I know that business is personal, and I know that for accountants, being of service is more important than the bottom line.

Over the past several months, we’ve applauded healthcare workers and other first responders for their selfless, heroic efforts on the frontlines. They’re facing this pandemic head-on, risking their own health and safety to protect ours.

It’s not just personal health that is at risk these days. We all know that business health is suffering, too. The doctors for business are accountants. You are the unsung heroes on the financial frontlines. This unprecedented crisis has had a devastating economic impact on countless businesses across the country, and people have been turning to you—accountants and bookkeepers—for essential support.

You monitor the financial health of your clients’ businesses, and you’ve answered the call to help. You’ve given your clients peace of mind with close analysis, clear reporting and forecasting, and sound advice. You’ve helped them make the hard decisions about whether to stay open or close. You are critical to the lifeblood of every business you serve right now.

As a fourth-generation entrepreneur, I’ve spent a lifetime learning about what it means to dutifully serve customers, and I’ve learned so much of it from you, the accounting community. The way you’re navigating this challenging time is yet another lesson in resilience, composure, and service.

I enjoy, and am not surprised, by the stories I hear about you going above and beyond for your clients, working long hours to help them understand the complexities of the Paycheck Protection Program, wade through confusing tax filings, or free up a little extra cash—and all of this while adapting your own businesses to the realities of remote work. My respect and commitment to support the accountant community grows with each story I hear.

I speak for everyone at when I say that we deeply admire the dedication you’ve shown to your clients through this extraordinary and challenging time, and we’ll keep doing everything we can to support you in the same way.

With respect and gratitude,

René Lacerte Founder and CEO


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