What is a net promoter survey?
A net promoter survey is one measure of health for your business. It measures how likely your current customers are to refer new customers to you. Most companies sputter along with a net promoter score of 5-10%. There are big differences by industry and by product. Scores above 50% are usually considered best in class or world class scores. is very proud to earn scores well north of “world class...

Prior to we had a high volume of emails sent out for details and approval. That all changed when we automated with I love, they have been one of the biggest game changers for GO!, making our business more efficient, improving our workflow and seamlessly integrating with our accounting software. has become an important tool for both our vendors and for us internally.


Ever wonder what features are in your billing statement when you start using Now you are able to quickly review your price plan in your account.


Spending hours invoicing customers, sending reminders and tracking paper checks? Use Receivables to automate in 3 easy steps...... brings the document image together with the transaction…adds powerful electronic features…and delivers it in a simplified, online interface.  Thank you for making our dreams come true.


by René Lacerte, Founder & CEO,

One of the things we all hold on to is the technology we’re accustomed to using. Whether it’s the horses doing the work for us or our level of comfort with our metal filing cabinet and filing system, we have a tendency to resist change. As accountants, you are in a unique position to advise your clients and sometimes maintain their systems and processes. You are in the position of looking forward, not just for your own business but also for..., the leader in integrated bill payment, online invoicing and cash management solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and accounting/bookkeeping firms, today rolled out a sophisticated new set of electronic billing features that help businesses and accountants make it easier than ever for their customers to pay their bills, online or offline.


We hope you like the reorganization of settings/setup tasks into the new Settings tab! You will notice right away that many tasks are now easier to find.


eInvoices, and eBills - Put the e’s into “e-e-easy”  One company’s eInvoice is another company’s eBill.  When you eInvoice a customer who uses, they don’t have to bother entering any of the details in (you’ve already done that for them!). So it’s faster and easier for the customer to pay you. has made it much easier to develop a “PaperLess” accounting system. We have the ability to access the clients vendor documents when we have questions and concerns. We also are able to provide better more timely information to business owners. The calendar function makes it much easier for clients to manage cash flow and project what is to come. Our clients have also really enjoyed the flexibility of being able to access information...